Top 5 Most official Languages In South Africa

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There are eleven official languages in South Africa. Most people are fluent in more than one language also English is the lingua franca of business and commerce. Learn more about South Africa’s various languages below! The top 5 most popular languages in South African are based on region.

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The second most widely spoken language in South Africa is Zulu also known as isiZulu. This language spoken by around 11.6 million people and is the official language of the Eastern Cape and the Western Cape. Xhosa spoken by about a quarter of the population, mainly in the north, and Afrikaans spoken by about one percent of the population. Xhosa and Afrikaans third most commonly used languages in country.

The list includes eleven official languages of South Africa, including English. Portuguese was the fastest growing language in the country. The Portuguese language was first spoken by Portuguese immigrants notwithstanding later by black settlers from Mozambique. After independence, Mozambique was one of the only country to speak Portuguese. In spite of more recent immigrants from Mozambique on the other hand Angola spoke Portuguese. French speakers are mostly from Francophone Central Africa.

The second most common language in South Africa is Xhosa. Also spoken by around eight million people however is the official language of the Eastern Cape. In As much widely spoken in the northern part of the country. The first two languages used by Portuguese immigrants, followed by Mozambicans and African black settlers.

Afterwards, immigrants from Mozambique and Francophone Central Africa also spoke Portuguese.

English is the fourth most common language in South Africa. On the other hand Official language of government and widely spoken. Nine percent of South Africans speak English at home. In the same way The largest variation in the country is the White-speaking version. This version is mainly spoken in the Western Cape like wise.

In addition The fifth most commonly spoken language in South Africa is Zulu. It is a Southern Bantu language. Its speakers cluster in the KwaZulu-Natal province in the southeast of the country. Standard Zulu and urban Zulu are different. The former tends to create words for new items and concepts, while the latter tends to use English loan words. These two languages are closely related and can be used in different ways.

Furthermore Tswana is the official language of Botswana. On the one hand It is a dialect of Sotho languages. Being spoken by four million people in South Africa. Nevertheless The majority of these people live in the North West and Northern Cape, and the majority of the population speaks the Tswana language. The top five languages in South Africa are ranked by number of speakers. And you might be surprised to know that you can learn the language of your choice from your neighbors.

Apart from official languages, there are also a few regional languages in the country.

In South Africa, there are 11 official languages, with one of them being the main language. The languages are the most popular in the country, although they are different for each region. The top five languages in nationally are the most commonly spoken provincially. The most popular among the Bantu languages are isiZulu, isiXhosa, and Afrikaans.

Finally top five languages in South Africa mainly spoken. The country has a total of eleven official languages, but the most popular language is Zulu, a Southern Bantu language spoken in the KwaZulu region. Zulu being most widely spoken language nationally. The number of people who speak the language in South Africa varies greatly, but it is still the most common in the provinces.

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